Gorilla Wear Brooklyn Knitted Sneakers Pink/White

Gorilla Wear Brooklyn Knitted Sneakers Pink/White

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Farbe: Pink/Weiss
Material: Schuh: 100% Polyester, Sohle: 80% Phylon, 20% Gummi
Grössen: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40


These unisex Gorilla Wear shoes are ideal for sportswear but also fashionable for casual wear.

This sneaker is a mix of both technology and design. It’s design is unique and elegant, in addition it is also a very light shoe which bring extreme comfort. It is knitted with very precise high quality material to ensure that you get the best possible quality in the world. We also equip the shoes with air circulating filters which will keep the shoes smelling fresh for a long period, even after your workouts. Test them out and try them for yourself and understand why Gorilla Wear is the best brand Bodybuilding Workout Wear & Lifestyle Apparel in the world!

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