Gorilla Wear Chicago High Tops Black/Neon Lime

Gorilla Wear Chicago High Tops Black/Neon Lime

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Farbe: Schwarz/Neon Lime
Material: 30% Nylon Mesh, 70% Wildleder

This limited edition Gorilla Wear USA advanced design lifting shoes. Combines science, quality, and style all in one. This shoe is feather-light and made out of comfortable and high premium materials which enable the user maximum stability on the heaviest lifts. The High tops overlapping strap create a full, lockdown foot wrap. The light rubber soles are designed for optimal grip and added comfort. Please Note: Because these shoes tend to be smaller than the market average. We advise users to purchase one size bigger than their usual shoe size. Also, there can vary slightly from displayed image due to the usage of natural fabrics.

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