Better Bodies High Intensity Bra Hot Pink

Better Bodies High Intensity Bra Hot Pink

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Product Features and Facts

  • Click and zip, bra within a bra.
  • Molded cups at the inside for good support and outer layer for maximum support
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Strong elastic at bottom, with a soft inside close to skin for absorbing moisture
  • Quality:80% polyester 20% elastane
  • Fit: Tight fit
  • Chest: CM S-36, M-38, L-40 INCH S-14 1/6, M- 15, L- 15 3/4
  • Bottom width: CM S-31, M-33, L-34,5 INCH S-12 1/5, M- 13, L- 13 4/7
  • Sizes: S-L

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