Better Bodies Waverly mesh bra sangria red


Better Bodies Waverly mesh bra sangria red

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Looking for that perfect top that does double duty? The Waverly Mesh Bra is a bandeau style sports bra featuring a mesh part which gives you the support of a medium sport bra and the styling of a crop top. Whether you rock it with a pair of high waisted tights or a pair of shorts this top is sure to keep you cool during the sweatiest of workouts.

Fit: Regular 
Material: Double knitted BB Gym Compression fabric, 73% Polyester, 27% Elastane 
Features: Absorbs moisture and wicks it away to increase comfort, Soft elastic band 
Lined inside for extreme comfort 

Size guide 

S = 34 cm, M = 35.5 cm, L = 37 cm 
S = 13 2/5”, M = 14”, L = 14 4/7” 

Bottom Width: 
S = 31.5 cm, M = 33 cm, L = 34.5 cm 
S = 12 2/5”, M = 13”, L = 13 4/7”

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